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Prophetical zoological atlas

There isn’t any single reality. Seeing things from different angles is a very fruitful way to come to terms with the world.
The youngsters from Atelier dell’Errore, a laboratory of visual arts created by Luca Santiago Mora as a complementary service to the Child Neuropsychiatric clinic of Bergamo, knows it very well!
Their creative imagination is focused on the representation of animals depicted as ancestral figures, organisms out of any scientific classification. The drawings embody children’s fears and their need for protection, but they are alive with energy.
Working in this direction the Atelier supports their self-esteem for a fruitful relation with others.
Edited by Marco Belpoliti, the Prophetical zoological atlas intends to present a multidisciplinary view on art, language and representation.

Marco Belpoliti, Prophetical zoological atlas, Copyright Corraini, 2016

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November 1, 2016