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Poupée is the brainchild of children fashion designer Christina Mathea, who is a young mother from Greece with a theatrical background. Her signature inspiration stems
from extravaganza, humor and contrasts and her arty and artful designs are constantly playing around with the element of surprise, exactly like the children who wear them, constantly performing, constantly creating, constantly moving. Each and every garment is love-made and full of life, poetry and laughter.

The Poupée couture is designed as an antidote to unoriginality, rebelling against fast copy-paste fashion and turning a kidʼs conventional wardrobe into a theater dressing room.

The brand delivers an ID, which we accurately report below.

STATEMENT: Dress-up like nobodyʼs watching.
DATE OF BIRTH: Every moment, now, now and now.
NATION: Democracy of United Wonderlands.
COMPOSITION: 50% fabric, 50% laughter.
CHARACTER: 50% avant-garde, 50% démodé.
INGREDIENTS: Cotton (candy), pure wool, sunshine, silk.
STYLE: Dreamy, strike-a-pose proof and too-cool-for-school.
ADD-ONS: Stardust glitter, removable elements, embroidery.

The fall winter collection Les Bricoclos came out from the improvising craft of bricolage and the seamless way kids mix&match diverse concepts to create their bespoke world. Dominant colors are sugary white, mint grey, black, navy blue, red. What makes Les Bricoclos collection stand-out is the introduction of movable and removable parts and elements that allow each complete look to be worn in more versions than one or two or three.  

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POSTED BY enrico
December 30, 2017