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Popupshop SS 2018

With 90 styles and accessories for kids ages 2-10 years and babywear for the 3-24 months set, there is something for everyone in Popupshop‘s SS18 collection which will delight your inner naturalist.

Expanding on their iconic and internationally beloved animal prints, this season finds inspiration in jungle animals and sea creatures and the ecosystems they inhabit; feline prints permit up-close and personal encounters with otherwise perilous megafauna. This season we see the introduction of colourful tucans and the killer whale, while the awe-inspiring shark makes an anticipated comeback.

A muted summer palette of sage green and pale rose is amplified by lifelike prints and the illusion of movement in the form of splashing waves. The collection is at once versatile and timeless, and absolutely made for play. Dive in!

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Text by Jennifer Irizarry

POSTED BY enrico
March 17, 2018