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Playtime’s last stop: Tokyo
22-24 August, 2017

After Paris, Berlin and New York, Playtime will mark its final stop of the season in Tokyo for the presentation of Spring-Summer 2018 collections.
With nearly 200 carefully selected brands attending, including 38% exhibiting for the first time, Playtime Tokyo reserves you beautiful surprises.
Hailing from Europe, America, Asia, Scandinavia, and Australia, no fewer than 23 nationalities will be represented, with as many visions for children’s fashion to share.
Because the boundaries between children’s and adult’s fashion are becoming more and more permeable as both worlds increasingly draw inspiration from one another, this summer, for the very first time, Playtime Tokyo is inviting its exhibitors to present their men’s and women’s collections alongside their children’s collections.
As a result, over twenty brands will be sharing a vision of fashion directed towards contemporary families.
In addition to that, and because style is not just about what you wear, Playtime Tokyo continues to develop its Lifestyle range and launches a new section entitled ‘OISHI MONO’, dedicated to meals for contemporary families. Art of the table, organic food, bibs, and smart baby bottles are all to be found at this new space!
Playtime Tokyo will welcome both newcomers, as Anniel, Bensimon, Palava, and its regulars such as Little Creative Factory, Motoreta, Munsterkids and Tinycottons at the Belle Salle Shibuya Garden starting from August 22 to 24.
As “Live together” and “Disconnect” are this season’s Playtime motto, do not forget to enter the the world of Small is more Enchanted Forest for sensations and memorable moments: the crunching leafs under the shoes, the scent of pine, the wind blowing through the crowns of the trees, cracking branches, the flatter of the birds wings, a woodpecker, a growl, footprints…
This workshop is all about making and sharing, creating and showing.

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Playtime Tokyo
22-24 August, 2017

Belle Salle Shibuya Garden
Sumitomofudosan Shibuya
Garden Tower B1f 16-17
Nanpeidai-cho Shibuya-ku

Picture 1
Little Creative Factory, Motoreta

Picture 2
Munsterkids, Tinycottons

Picture 3
Anniel, Bensimon

POSTED BY enrico
August 17, 2017