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Playtime Tokyo
February 23-25

After Paris and New York, Playtime will mark its final stop of the season in Tokyo to present its ‘Marvelous!’ gathering of designers.
More than 230 international brands will be there to present their new fall-winter 2016/17 collections, including a hundred exhibiting for the first time at Playtime Tokyo.
Of course Japanese and Asian brands, but also some others from Australia, China, United States, Brazil, Canada and Europe
with the intention to expand in Asia.
Fashion, accessories, decor/design, gifts, baby gear and maternity,
Playtime guarantees to offer a complete range of today’s best collections, THE unmissable event for all industry professionals.
Buyers, journalists and bloggers could draw inspiration and get a better understanding of future trends across the 3 trend spaces designed by artists and which will display pieces from exhibitors’ collections.

Winter 2016/17 Trends forecast
This winter Playtime will bring you in a “Marvelous!” world where every style will adjust to the temperature curves! In addition to the key outfits of the season, our 3 trends spaces will also feature original art installations.
Find out about the invited artists here: www.playtimetokyo.com/en/trends-events/

Winter Wonderland
In the Great White North lives a queen with an icy heart whose beauty knows no equal. The bitter cold has petrified both her enchanted world and her soul. Everything that surrounds her is precious, reflecting her magnificence. Under the spell of her splendor, children dream of being princes or princesses. 
They strut like descendants of Tsars in outfits of velvet and brocade.
Materials: moiré, metallics, pearlized, brocades, silk, fur, velvet
Colors: dusty roses, glacier blues, purple, transparent greys, silver, golden, bronze Patterns: blurry florals, snowflakes, inlaid rhinestones
Key Pieces: pillbox hat and muff, long coat, maxi dress

Frozen landscapes
Winter has covered nature in its snowy cloak. Trees are clothed in a suit of icy lace. Time is suspended. The flora and fauna are snoozing.
This is where the reign of the mineral takes over. Just like the frozen landscape, children’s wardrobes are decorated with marbled effects and blend right into the mineral tones to better hide during their games of hide-and-seek.
Materials: wools, cottons
Colors: white, icy blues, cool greys, stone colors, charcoal, neutral tones, moss Patterns: marbled, landscapes, rock candy
Key Pieces: wool pants and coat, chunky knits

Surreal utopia
A poet, a painter and a photographer play around with composing nonsensical sentences. Out of their imagi- nations is born a marvelous universe denuded of all reality where nothing is impossible. It is populated with hybrid plants and mutant animals. In this strange world, children pop a lobster on their head, wear clothes made of blue skies and have eyes in the place of a knapsack.
Materials: composite, aggregate
Colors: bright
Patterns: mouths, eyes, skies, random prints, arty Key Pieces: hoodie, windbreaker, improbable mixes

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February 19, 2016