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Playtime, see you next season

Here below you can read the message we received from Sébastien de Hutten, CEO of Playtime, regarding the cancellation of this season’s trade shows.

Dear Friends,

We have been postponing our decision but sadly it is time to make it official that there will be no Playtime this season, neither in Paris nor in New York.

We are convinced that this is the responsible decision.

Although we considered a show in September, we now understand, after gathering information from many different sources, that it is not a viable option. This is not about Playtime, but about everyone in the kids industry, and doing what’s right.
An alternative for this season and immediately available is the Playtime B2B Marketplace to connect to brands worldwide.
Although it is not our first choice to go 100% digital this season, times dictate new ways to interact with one another, and our digital platform is ready for this sudden change.

More than a simple ordering platform, we are making the Playtime B2B Marketplace an event-filled space that will give visitors direct access to new and established brands, as well as insights gathered from the world’s largest search engine for kids designer brands.

We are also working for this summer, for our friends from the press and KOL, on a VIP digital access to all brands on the Playtime B2B Marketplace. 

The circumstances this season require that we raise the bar!

See you next season! 

POSTED BY enrico
April 27, 2020