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Playtime Paris n°23

From January 27 to 29, Playtime will be returning to the Parc Floral de Paris for its 23rd edition. While it will be held under the theme of Mutation, this new session will nonetheless remain true to the elements which have made its success: a beautiful combination of must-have brands along with other brands who have more recently landed in this inspiring and relaxed atmosphere.

In all, nearly 540 brands, including Bobo Choses, Carbon Soldier, CarlijnQ, Goganga, Guess, Little Creative Factory, Little Remix, Loud Apparel, MarMar Copenhagen, Miss L. Ray, Molo, Motoreta, #MUMOFSIX, Organic Zoo, Popupshop, Soft Gallery, Tinycottons, Tocoto Vintage, Where is Marlo, Wild&Gorgeous, Wolf & Rita and Yporqué will be presenting their collections for fall/winter 2018-19. The theme «Changeover» will be all about time and its variations, transitions, and fresh starts.

For years, Playtime Paris has played a part in the development of brands that have since become key players in the industry, but its doors always remain open to newcomers!
This winter, a wave of new products awaits you as more than a hundred brands will be taking part in the show for the first time. These arrivals will be noticeable in all sections of the show.

Since its inception, Playtime Paris has offered, alongside its Fashion collections, a Design and Lifestyle range which has never ceased to expand. A trend which remains as alive as ever this season, with a flood of new products.

As usual at Playtime you’ll be able to visit the trends spaces, conceived by Julie Malait, where artists and illustrators present new works of art. Next season trends will be: Agricool, which is the need to live in harmony with nature; Flow, which expresses the rhythm of the boogie and Renew, style as purified as can be.

For this edition kid’s wear Magazine teamed up with artist Frédérique Daubal. She reinterpreted through her art old covers and pictures from the magazine… the result is the exhibition Overprint at the South entrance to the show.

Playtime Paris
27-29 January 2018

Parc Floral de Paris
Route de la Pyramide

Have a look at:

Picture 1: left, Carbon Soldier – right, CarlijnQ
Picture 2: left, Goganga – right, Loud Apparel
Picture 3: left, MarMar Copenhagen – right, Molo
Picture 4: left, Popupshop – right, Where is Marlo
Picture 5: left, Tocoto Vintage – right, Tinycottons
Picture 6: left, Wolf & Rita – right, Yporqué

POSTED BY enrico
January 26, 2018