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Playground by dosydos swimmwear!

dosydos (twoandtwo or if you like 2+2) is the story of two sisters who each had two children –two girls and two boys, Lucía, Mar, Pepe and Javier.
These four cousins are the real inspiration for a swimwear company for young children that saw the light in 2013.
Its first collection will catch your attention on beaches and swimming pools this Summer.
Mar Sánchez-Haro is the person behind this brand. She already had an extensive experience in the world of women’s fashion. And after the birth of her two daughters Lucía and Mar, and after the birth of her sister’s children Pepe and Javier, and of course with the help of her sister Teresa, she decided to take the plunge into this venture.
Her brand is intimately connected to the city of Seville in the south of Spain. Her designs try to capture the magical, sunny light and traditional aspects of southern Spain and Seville in particular. Her designs are totally original. The most distinguishing feature of the designs created by dosydos is their pure originality. They have been produced by a team of young designers who understand what children like.
The dominant theme of the Summer 2015 Collection “PLAYGROUND” is to take us to the land of children’s games and the world of fun.
In dosydos everything is important: the choice of the best materials –fabrics that are ecologically respectful, patterns of the highest quality that understand how children move and play. And of course control of the production process is a key element. The end results is a superb product in terms of design and quality.

Now you know dosydos (2+2!!) is much more than four (4!!)

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June 24, 2015