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Photo Vogue Festival

Photography is the essence of Vogue Italia: the publication has been documenting the evolution – and revolutions – in costume through images for over 50 years using a formula conceptualised by the brilliant minds of its founders, re-defined through the course of continuous aesthetic transformations whilst being endlessly capable of new magic – eternalising stories with every frame.
Vogue Italia’s DNA has naturally led to the decision to set up the first international festival entirely dedicated to fashion photography bound to an influential fashion magazine.
The first edition of Photo Vogue Festival will see the opening on November 22nd in Milan: an event, which is unique in its kind, and that, until the 26th of November, will engage the entire city with meetings, conferences and exhibitions, joining forces among the most significant photography events produced by the best galleries and taking place in Milan’s most prestigious exhibition venues.
Chaired by the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue Italia, Franca Sozzani, and run by Senior Photo Editor, Alessia Glaviano, the Photo Vogue Festival aims to become an annual event, with the first edition presenting a monographic exhibition on Vanessa Beecroft to be held at the prestigious Palazzo Reale from 24th to 29th of November.
Base Milano will host instead two group exhibitions – The Female Gaze, which displays the works of female photographers who have revolutionized – and are revolutionising – the way the female body and sexuality is represented in fashion photography and an exhibition showcasing the photographers selected through the scouting initiative launched by the PhotoVogue platform.

All exhibitions and events schedule is available at:

1. Vanessa Beecroft, Polaroids 1993.2016

2. Vanessa Beecroft, Polaroids 1993.2016

3. Arvida Byström, Alone Online, The Female Gaze 

4. Zanele Mugoli, Bester I, Mayotte, The Female Gaze 

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November 20, 2016