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Pequeña & GRANDE
Frida Kahlo

Pequeña & GRANDE is a series, published by Alba Editorial, that discovers the lives of outstanding women… from designers and artists to scientists.
All of the depicted characters achieved incredible things, yet all of them were also children with a dream!
Isabel Sanchez Vergara, Spanish writer and creative director, and Gee Fan Eng, Chinese illustrator, are the authors of the “little & old” volume about Frida Kahlo.
The Mexican painter has had an unparalleled influence on the history of contemporary art.
The explosive combination of personal, feminine paintings with a rebellious, unconventional lifestyle was what gave her the strength to overcome a childhood illness and a serious accident.
Her determination and bravery have been an inspiration to millions of women and will be an inspiration to every little child who will approach this beautifully illustrated book. 

The series, which is translated in different languages, includes also:
Coco Chanel
Audrey Hepburn 
Amelia Earhart
Agatha Christie
Marie Curie

Isabel Sanchez Vergara, Gee Fan Eng, Pequeña & Grande Frida Kahlo, Copyright Alba Editorial, 2016

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September 2, 2016