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OEUF: Peace, Love & Boogie!

Oeuf (which is French and means “egg“) is based in New York City… and has been known for it’s fresh and modern take on nursery furniture and hand-knitted clothes…
Michael Ryan and Sophie Demenge are the husband-and-wife team who created Oeuf.
Born in upstate New York, Ryan has an engineer’s perspective for minimalist design… Raised in Paris, Sophie’s playful approach to design was nurtured is such diverse places as the philosophy department at the Sorbonne, trapeze classes in San Francisco, the Pratt Institute in New York…
Oeuf started working in Bolivia, where their first jumpers and cardigans were knitted by 4 artisans… now 11 years later, the collection supports almost 200 (almost all female) knitters!
“Get ready to boogie” is Oeuf’s biggest, brightest, and most fun collection yet… with a touch of 70s style, loads of fantasy, and a generous splash of rainbow colours, it adds up to pure positivity… dancing cats, cuddly bunnies, and one very groovy squirrel…  all made from the finest baby alpaca knitwear as well as a full range of organic cotton… Oeuf is also launching their first décor collection: beautiful hand-woven wool rugs and pillows for kids and grownups rooms… all about Peace & Love! 
It’s what the world needs, now more than ever…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
September 23, 2016