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NIDI, kids’ bedrooms come to life

NIDI is a range of collections of kids’ furniture designed for their needs.
Produced by Battistella, an Italian forwarding company specialized in kids’ room design, since 2013, every collection plays with accessories, complements, materials and colors… and becomes a tale.
Each one has its own story but the cores are always a conscious approach to product design, constant technological research and careful attention to the quality of materials.
NIDI in Italian means nests, and that’s the aim from the design team: creating a space, ideal for children as a nest for birds.
From desks conceived for budding artists and conscientious students alike, to soft colourful beds for sleeping and daydreaming, NIDI’s room is a combination of many parts.
There are also walls to decorate, rugs to play on and cushions for resting.
In these kind of rooms imagination knows no bounds.

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

POSTED BY cts-klee
January 1, 2015