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A West – East coast journey through 40 years!
New York/Los Angeles, Photographs: 1967-2015 by Lloyd Ziff

Since 2000, after a career in art direction, Lloyd Ziff has made photography the sole focus of his career.
His photographs are part of the permanent collections of The Palm Springs Art Museum and The International Center of Photography in New York, as well as having been published in many of the world’s most prestigious magazines, such as The New York Times Magazine, Condé Nast Traveler, Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair an kid’s wear Magazine, and  have been also included in Patti Smith’s autobiography, Just Kids.
New York/Los Angeles, Photographs: 1967-2015 is a remarkable collection of images of USA’s two most interesting cities, taken over 40 years by Lloyd.
This 2 volume collection captures both cities in compelling black and white and color photography.

“Lloyd and I go back over forty years, and his photographs, like Lloyd, are kind of shy.
They seem to focus ultimately on the infinite, the horizon line. I own at least two of Lloyd’s pictures, and I keep them with me, usually by a window because the photographs themselves are picture windows; they view a life of romance, escape and optimism.
They give me a way out. I love Lloyd for most of the same reasons
Annie Leibovitz, Photographer

“When I look at them, I feel warm. They make me want to go home.” 
Diane Keaton, Actress, Director, Author, Photographer

“Brilliant!!!! Honestly, it is the best photography I have seen in a long, long time.
I am knocked out. Both volumes take my breath away. And, how well they work together: West Coast/East Coast, left and right, red and blue, black and white.
This an incredible body of work, perfectly presented.

Gail Buckland, Author, Educator, Curator of Photography

If you are in New York, on September 29th participate at the conversation and book signing with Sir Harold Evans, which wrote the introduction of the volume dedicated to the Big Apple, and Lloyd himself at Rizzoli Bookstore

Lloyd Ziff, New York/Los Angeles, Photographs: 1967-2015, introductions by Sir Harold Evans and Paul Ruscha, 2016

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September 21, 2016