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Neverending Summer by Bobo Choses 

For Spring Summer 2018, beloved Spanish brand Bobo Choses asks the question: How many questions can you fit into a never ending summer day?

The point of departure is a trip down memory lane as the brand builds a visual universe around the imagined childhood reveries of the lauded conservationist Jane Goodall, with a decidedly Taoist bent: do the clouds have the shape of things or do things have the shape of the clouds?

In Neverending Summer, Bobo Choses employs the deliciously quirky colour combinations the brand is known for in an extensive offering for boys, girls, and babies, replete with adorable prints and bold graphics, simple shapes, and abstract prints on soft, garment-dyed cotton and terry.  

SS 2018 will be available from January 18th!

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Text by Jennifer Irizarry


POSTED BY enrico
January 18, 2018