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Out there, there are cosmic spaces filled with dust of many colours, which slowly (if such concept exists in cosmos, that is) unite and condense to form stars. Nebula is the name. A cloud of destruction from our point of view, a cloud of creation and transformation in the eyes of the Gods.
Nebula, which is the Latin word for mist, reflects on the turmoil of growing up, with all its relational, psychological, and emotional changes.
The Spanish photographer Jacqueline Roberts was born in Paris in 1969. She graduated in Political Sciences and worked for international organisations before turning to photography.
Jacqueline makes portraits on glass and aluminum plates using a 150-year-old technique called wet plate collodion.
The long exposures required by the process ease the subjects into detaching themselves from their immediate surroundings; they appear to the viewer almost as if suspended in time and in space. Roberts’s portraits emerge from that captivating state of limbo to evoke the transitional stage from childhood to adolescence. 

Jacqueline Roberts, Nebula, © Damiani Editore, 2016

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POSTED BY enrico
January 26, 2017