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Muscar lights, DON’T get your hands off!

How many times the parents have to warn children to “stay away from that lamp otherwise you’ll get burnt…”?
Now be quiet and pay attention to Muscar.
It is a light with an innovative furry coat that allows you to leave it on every surface such as a carpet, a sofa, a blanket, even your own lap, without damage.
Coming in a colorful array, Muscar lights are energy saving bulbs, so they are not just sustainable to use but they also give up to ten years of fluffy glow.
Lina Patsiou, head behind this project, is a London based designer hailing from Athens.
She has studied Engineering and System Design but has an artist temperament that pushes her on the boundary between object and space. And that’s how Muscar light came up: it was developed with love and effort to achieve something new, surprising and useful.
The lights are handmade for a hand’s use, so come on, get your hands on this new lighting experience.

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

POSTED BY cts-klee
October 13, 2015