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MUDEC JUNIOR – Beautiful Voyages

More than a museum, MUDEC (Museum of Cultures) has been designed to be a place for intercultural encounters.
Opened in April 2015, in the “design district” of Milan. Now it is going to be enriched with a new wing dedicated to children.
MUDEC JUNIOR, since 28th of October, will host annual projects regarding non-western cultures; the aim is to acquaint children with their contemporary surroundings through a new captivating approach, based on the reenactment of the typical settings of foreign countries. Furthermore, the staff, that is in charge to guide and explain, is entirely hailing from the country which is the protagonist of the exhibition.
The first “travel” organized by MUDEC JUNIOR is in Morocco.
Children from 4 up to 10 years old are invited to join this journey. The can literally “visit” a moroccan city, recreated in all its features, and gain experience of the heritage of this culture thanks to three on-site studio activities. They can practice arabic calligraphy within a moroccan school, deal with the composition of zellij (typical mosaic) and eventually learn how to prepare a perfect mint tea in the fascinating kitchen.
We can’t wait to know where they will take us next time!

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Text by Enrico Fragale Esposito

POSTED BY cts-klee
October 19, 2015