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Sun & Salt & South!

MOTORETA is a young brand of kids wear from the south of Spain, Seville, a magic place with unique identity and tradition.
This project is lead by Cristina Lopez-Lago and Maria Llerena, both architects closely linked to the world of art and design.
Their approach to children’s wear: simple but sophisticated, with plain colours and clean shapes… “The pupils of my eyes were still dizzy with the whiteness of Andalusia, filled with the blinding white salt from the marshes, penetrated by blues and light yellows, by the greens and purples of my river, my sea, my beaches and my pine forests.”
Rafael Alberti’s novel, ‚The Lost Grove, Autobiography of a Spanish poet in the exile’ was the inspiration of this year SS collection… inspired by colours, sounds and magic from the flat landscapes of the salt harvests in Cádiz.
A place where children traditionally used to play… enjoying the sound of the birds from the saltmarsh, the wind, the sea and the white mountains of pure salt shining under the bright sun of Andalusia.
Welcome to the south of Spain… and enjoy summer!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
March 24, 2016