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Motherhood – Shereena Ghaffor

What are the stereotypes of motherhood? And what does it mean to be a mother today? kid’s wear Magazine invites different expectant mothers to discuss the identity of motherhood. Our first expectant mother is Shereena Ghaffor a kid’s wear consultant & stylist based in London who is currently 8 months pregnant. 

How has your own mother’s role informed your own ideas of motherhood?
My mother is a very strong, loving and caring person with a heart of gold. She has always encouraged her children and been there for us, no matter what. 

How has expecting your own child, changed your own views on motherhood?
Working as a childrenswear stylist I’m really use to being around children and meeting different mothers, experiencing this has made me much more prepared with how I would like motherhood to be. 

Do you think the idea of motherhood has changed?
I do think the role of a mother has changed dramatically, we are now finally seeing working mothers, who juggle careers and businesses, whilst having children at the same time and I feel very strongly about continuing to work but at the same time finding a balance.

Do you think motherhood changes a woman’s identity?
Yes and no, I do think that people treat you differently as a mother, and whether you like celebrities or not, I think the mass of celebrity mothers out there shows the public that you can still do all the things you love and look like how you did Pre baby!

What are the most important ideals and interests you hope to pass on to your own child?
I believe in working hard to strive for what you want to achieve and following your own interests. Most importantly to have your own views and be yourself.

Dress by Alexander Wang at Nine in the Mirror
coat by Per Wu 

Photography Edith Bergfors

Words and Creative Direction Matthew Holroyd

Hair & Make-up Claire Urquhart using products from MAC and bumble and bumble

April 29, 2015