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Many rolls of toilet paper, several housholdloads of teddies and other cuddly toys as well as smelly shoes and plants and blankets, plus old plastic bags, pans and pots…
everything have been carried into Jan von Holleben’s studio for this megamonsterhero project.
“Monster Heroes” is Jan’s incomplete compendium of the best super creatures there are.
We’ll meet a hectic PaperPunk and a cute CuddleColoss but also a moody ScaleShoebidou, a creative Cardboardrobo and angry racketgoblins amongst many others.
“I created them for kids of all ages (between 4 and 104 years old) in order to appreciate each of their individual skills (from superpower stinking to mega speed, ultra lightness and devilish naughtiness) but also inspire them to create their own monster-hero with simple household items and a smartphone or similar. It is a series made together with kids for kids.” – explains the artist. He worked on this project, over 6 months, as usual: in tight collaboration with kids…
“Kids have a knowledge that is very different from the one they will have when grown up. They are more daring, creative, free and motivated. That’s always very special to work with. Much more exciting than with adults.”
The result is an overview on the gang of the probably best monster heroes, miracle creatures and fantasy figures.
 All of them are pretty special and everyone can do something wonderfully well.

Jan Van Holleben, Monsterhelden, © Beltz & Gelberg, 2017

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POSTED BY enrico
August 7, 2017