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Monnalisa – flamboyant, sparkling & a bit quirky

Bright floral prints, long dancing joyful fringes, immaculate organzas, crepe marocain trousers, fun double tulle, scalloped lace leggings… crisp taffeta, trompe l’oeil effects, rhinestones that shine like dew drops…
The flamboyant Italian Monnalisa excess is awesome!
The Bebé line (3-36 months) tells funny stories: Pluto runs on cotton fabrics… Hydrangeas are getting romantic… Daisy Duck is the main character for the Monnalisa line (2-12 years)… as well as tattoo-prints mixed with powerful pop accents… Finally the Jakioo tween line (6-16 years) shows off frayed georgette t-shirts in strawberry coloured aged leather… there are vintage elements and a sporty laid-back items…
Monnalisa: the perfect style for contemporary modern fairies or metropolitan squaws! 
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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
March 11, 2016