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Molo’s enchanting Autumn and Winter outfits

Danish fashion brand Molo is known for children’s clothes with a quirky charm. Molo believes that kid’s fashion should be about possibilities rather than limitations. 
Those creative Danes want to provide „favourites“ for every child’s closet and Molo’s designer’s believe that strong colours, exciting shapes and bold combinations feeds a child’s imagination.
This season they enchanted their quite unique autumn and warm winter outfits with loads of prints: there are deer, reptiles, leopards and digital bambi prints as well as embroidered neon bunnies mixing with all kind of super heroes, astronauts, monsters and robots. The materials: raw denim, cosy flannel, chunky knit and funky quilted sweats.
Earthy tones got some metallic details and gold and bronze colours got mixed up with a bright neon ‚acid’ yellow that helps brighten the rather dark autumn season.

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
October 16, 2014