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Molo: Wild Western Boys & Rhinestone Cowgirls goes modern

Leave your horse and ride the cowboy trend through the urban and modern wild west in frilled fringes, flared jeans and shepherd jackets!
You’ll be drawn back to the Wild West flashing fringes, sprinkling with sparkling gemstones and riding those big brown furry buffaloes among prickly green cactuses reaching towards the sky…
For the true wild western boys, there is much at stake if you want to survive the tough field and the long rides… Getting dressed the original and most practical way is no hassle with classic blue jeans, denim and checked shirts, or a butter soft buffalo brown leather jacket.
On the other side of the prairie the rhinestone cowgirls will be awaiting you. You will find them sitting on the ranch in their Porcelain Flowers printed dresses, sewing gemstones on their blue denim skirts or their racing red sweatshirts or perhaps standing in their flared vintage denim jeans daydreaming of all the quirky, yet tasty pastel colours they will be wearing this season…
Also comics are a big theme this season with Molo’s quirky reversible t-shirts with an evil-looking comic on the inside, sweatpants with a protruding red tongue sticking out of the back pocket or a cool sweatshirt with a robot print that make you become a part of the figure yourself.
The girls comic range is inspired by the 70ies meet the 00’es… in form of corduroy dungarees, flared cropped culottes… or maybe it is the fusion of the fresh flowers in the Soft Botanical print that takes your breath away…
Another inspiration is the cabinet of wonders! A mysterious box of old skulls, wild animals and things that don’t even exist. Put together in strange ways that gives edge and spookiness to a lot of cool styles… including accessories to all kind of cowboys, cowgirls and daydreamers… Do you dare to open up the box?

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
September 26, 2016