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A new way to create and draw! Moleskin Smart Writing Set

Unveiling a new way to work, create and study, Moleskine today launches a specially designed notebook, pen, and app that work in tandem to instantly digitize notes and sketches made on paper, creating digital text and images that can be edited and shared immediately with a phone, tablet, or laptop.
The new Smart Writing Set is a system made up of three elements that make it possible to edit and share what you create on paper in real-time without taking a photo, uploading files, or scanning documents: the Paper Tablet, which feels like a notebook but is purposely designed with extended rounded edges to look like a tablet.
The Pen+, a slim, aluminum pen with a hidden camera that traces and digitizes everything you write.
The Moleskine Notes App, where written notes and sketches are stored and can be shared, exported, edited, and searched. The inner pages of the Paper Tablet, designed by Giulio Iacchetti, project beyond the cover giving it the distinctive rounded edge typical of digital tablets. Both a playful ploy and an invitation to project ideas beyond the boundaries of paper, the Paper Tablet features thick paper ideal for both writing and drawing. The paper is made with Ncode technology patented by NeoLAB Convergence, a grid invisible to the naked eye is hidden in the paper and enables the pen, powered by Neo smartpen, to recognize where it is on the page and within the notebook.

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April 25, 2016