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MJUKA – A young German design studio

When we stumbled upon the beautiful work of MJUKA we found a paradise of colours and soft shapes for children.
Beside interior concepts for social institutions like Kindergartens or doctor’s offices, they design playful products and furniture as well.
MJUKA is a young design studio based in Hamburg.
It was founded by the two furniture designers Franziska Cadmus and Annika Steven.
Both designers come from northern parts of Germany and they studied together in Kiel.
Afterwards, they continued their studies in Copenhagen, Gothenburg and Halle/Saale.
Their work is influenced by scandinavian design and they work mostly with wood and fabric.
The value of the furniture is in the focus of their work, so the awareness of the materials and how they are produced is important.
Furniture and home accessories, made by hand in MJUKAs own workshop, can be bought at the same named shop in Seilerstraße 24 in St.Pauli in Hamburg which is opened since June 2015.
To work hands on their products themselves is an important and fun part of MJUKAs work.
We like most their wonderful game “Kubb”, which is a Swedish outdoor game.
Two teams try to catch the “King” of the other team.
MJUKA gave this traditional game a new spirit and a new style.

So, what are you waiting for?
Take your “Kubb” and go out into the park and enjoy a funny game with your family and friends!

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Text by Studio Oink

October 5, 2015