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Minimalisma SS19

Minimalisma designer and CEO Maja Akraberg Siller hails from the rugged landscape of the Faroe Islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland and Norway.

In this unique landscape no trees grow naturally. The imprint of growing up in this natural environment has accompanied Maja into adulthood, through her travels and career in men and womenswear. Maja’s practical knowledge and passion for quality materials combined with the birth of her own child form the catalyst to Minimalisma’s supreme quality basics.

Of course the inspiration for the collection stems from Maya’s roots – the blue sky, and the green land of her home island infusing the enchanting SS19 images.
Silk cotton mixes are soft to the touch, with the seamless collection providing ultimate comfort for the child.

Now available up to 12 years.

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Text by Katie Kendrick 

POSTED BY enrico
February 6, 2019