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Maxi Ooh! at MUSE in Trento, Italy

An experience that is astonishing, thrilling, captivating.
As thrilling as science that is done, thought out, experienced.
A space dedicated to children because MUSE, Museum of Science in Trento (Italy,) wants even its very youngest visitors to experience the processes of discovery, thinking, observation and experimenting.
It begins with what they know how to do best: touch, smell, look and see, hear.
But when children enter to admire the room, Maxi Ooh! opens up to experiences of wonder, discovery and knowledge. Maxi Ooh! expresses the feelings of those inside it. It lights up in colour and moves in dialogue with the thoughts, the actions and gestures of the “inhabitant”. It vibrates with the curiosity that drives to explore, with the richness of the gestures one may make and the paths one can take to meet the world.
Maxi Ooh! is an experience capable of opening horizons beyond the usual ones for children who always look with wide-open and bright eyes and open mind at whatever is interesting, non-customary, enriching and even amusing, at what they have already or never seen, touched, smelled or tasted.
Maxi Ooh! is a metaphor. It does not prescribe, it suggests, immediately becoming a place of trust, where everything joyously interacts with the senses. Each sphere is dedicated to a specific sense, but children know how to keep them together – they experiment and learn with everything, with their body, mind and emotions. 
Maxi Ooh! is a place in which one feels good, a place as pleasant and interesting as the discovery that starts from one’s senses and goes beyond them tobecome knowledge to share with others. Maxi Ooh! is a place for childrenwith- children relations and relations between children and the adults accompanying them. It is a place that allows adults to better understand, to learn a bit more from the children, to rediscover the authenticity and beauty of science. Science, not magic, because it’s all true and yet surprising. For children aged 0 to 5 and their parents or caregivers.
Too bad, all the others might exclaim!

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Photos by Matteo De Stefano

POSTED BY cts-klee
July 17, 2015