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Animal House: MARNI’s menagerie of funny metal beasts and furniture

Giraffes, flamingos, rabbits, ducks and ostriches… made of metal and bright coloured PVC, will waddle and tramp and join the products of Marni’s new limited edition charity project ‘Animal House’. Those funny creatures – each one unique – had been hand made by a group of Colombian women with whom Marni has started to collaborate for this project. Asymmetry is the leitmotif of the project. And in addition to the woven animals, there is also matching furniture like chairs, small benches, rocking chairs, chaise lounges and tables, made out of the same materials and can be put together in many different ways.

This furniture project is linked to the concept of modularity, an idea of individuality and unique combinations, which very much reflects the brand’s aesthetic.
The women involved in this project, most of whom are single mothers and live near the rural Andean region. The money they receive from this project allows them both to educate their kid’s and often pays for further education for their children too. Marni will donate part of their revenues to Associazione Sogni Onlus, an association helping terminally ill children.

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

August 20, 2014