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The taste for authenticity and family tradition, good food and the experience that accompanies it are integral parts of Italian culture that Marni makes its own in the first Marni Flower Café.
In Japan, on the third floor of the Umeda Hankyu Department Store in Osaka, Marni breathes life into a new concept store created to offer its guests a meeting place where they can enjoy high-quality Italian products, purchase flowers and exclusive products, and immerse themselves in a lively ambiance with bright colours and scenic prints.
The fine design space spans across a surface area of 50 square metres, in which each element reflects the aesthetic paradigm of the brand, defined by the harmonious balance of shapes, materials, and colours.
To welcome customers, there is a counter in green onyx and colourful metal sheets and braided PVC stools.
For those who wish to stay longer there is the comfortable, soft, blue velvet sofa with painted wood.
Or why not take a seat at the small tables made in brass and green marble?
The tables come in different shapes and play with the geometry of the inlaid work in marble and terrazzo floor in wood.
A key element in the architecture of the Café and representation of the concept itself, the iconic Marni miniature house that can be found in the furnishings as well as the logo which becomes a symbol of a way of living in a warm and familiar space that has always characterised the tradition of the brand.
Marni Flower Café represents an unprecedented divergence from the Marni world that outlines an ambiance inspired by a culture in which contemporary creativity and inspiration become the protagonists, even when selecting food.
An example of this is the focaccia breads, which use a simple and genuine selection of ingredients that can be used to make your own favourite variety, accompanied by fresh pressed juices that explore the influence of the most exotic flavours and cakes from Italian pastry tradition.
At the Marni Flower Café, in addition to food, it will be possible to discover everything that goes along with the experience, through special products especially created for the store, and inspired by a specific theme that will change every four months.
Marni Flower Café opened its doors on March 2nd, marking the first step of an ambitious project that will in the future see the opening of new cafes in Japan and other countries around the world.

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POSTED BY cts-klee
March 8, 2016