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Brand New!
Dynamic Gear created for Chaos and Superheroes!

Swedish designer and creative director Carl-Axel Wahlström debuted his new kids brand MAISON CHAOS in January 2016: he has a decade of experience in the beauty, lifestyle and fashion industries, and he was also the art director of the launch of H&M’s “&Other Stories”.
Every superhero needs a costume – a disguise to keep the secret identity secret… this first fall/winter collection was made with this in mind.
Made from the best possible materials and techniques available to match extraordinary circumstances and adventures!
Providing freedom to move, durability and styles fit for everyday heroes… “Since superheroes naturally are the good guys, great care have been taken to ensure that the garments were produced under fair and sustainable conditions”, explains Carl-Axel his sharp innovative Scandinavian look.
That’s gear made for chaos and superheroes!
Collection available from August 2016.

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle



POSTED BY cts-klee
April 6, 2016