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Shoes for Restless Children

‘Happy feet, happy children’ is the strong believe of Spanish shoemakers MAÁ who are creating one of the best comfy, trendy & rebellious shoes for kids, using the latest technology, best quality and a very original cosmopolitan style… Their designs are fresh and fun and inspired by the funky style of the Californian coast in the USA… Angelina Jolie’s daughters, Heidi Klum’s kids, Gwen Stefani’s son, Jessica Alba’s daughter and Sarah Jessica Parker conquer the world in MAÁ shoes…
Our foot has 26 bones and more than 30 joints, besides all the muscles and ligaments give support and make of it a biological engineering to hold up the body weight and balance…this is something complex. Especially those soft little tiny baby feet require care and attention to ensure a healthy growth and evolution… Bones are undeveloped throughout the first two years and consist of nothing more than cartilage, so they are soft and pliable.
The 26 bones in each foot gradually develop throughout the early years, becoming basically bony by the age of 7-8 years, at which point the toes have usually straightened. However, they are not fully developed until the late teens.
MAÁ did some incredible research to make sure each one of their shoes is designed to fit the child’s foot like a second skin… so those fancy shoes are truly unique, inside and outside!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
October 24, 2016