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So Scottish, so Cosy!

Incredibly cosy, because the new collection is centred around the idea of a ‘Duvet Day’… a whole day spent in bed, chilling at home, away from the outside world… left alone with our imagination… the Luluzulu – I know, it’s a tongue breaker – designers divided the creative act in few pieces. Act 1: Imagination & Creation… that depicts a variety of characters influenced by puppetry, shadows and Chinese symbols… inspiring children to create their own unique story whilst the characters playfully shadow the kids personalities…
Act 2, the cast of characters: The pig – kind but careless… The rat: cheerful but picky… The ox: honest but opinonated… The tiger: brave but hasty… The rabbit: gentle but stubborn… The dragon: decisive but unrealistic… The snake: smart but lazy… The horse: generous but loud… The fisherman & The Duvet Day Cloud…

Can you imagine which character would suit you best? Hmmm… I think I might play the cloud… 

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
September 16, 2016