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LOVE MADE LOVE: Made With Love

Established in 2011, Love Made Love is the British go-to brand for stylish baby and children’s clothes for those between 1 and 13 years.
With an idea and  identity that revolves around beautiful ideas, style and, most importantly, love.
As the heads behind the brand are convinced: “Love is an essence,
 meaning and way of living for us.
 In our theory love had given birth to love“.. love is unconditional, boundless, explicit and open, when we speak of love and our children.
 They are unpredictable… and charming… they are real… because they dream… kids are our small world of love.

Love Made Love unconventional designs and premium quality pieces are what all parents want to dress their children in.
Perfect quality and fit are essential, because they know how important these aspects are to parents. Given the collections are not mass-produced, you can rely on the label delivering every piece with the designer’s own personal touch…  allowing and encouraging your child to wear something completely individual and effortlessly fun and stylish…
Every collection is based on the concept of a grown-up’s wardrobe – this adorable ‘mini-me’ concept that allows you and your kid to select pieces you feel are reminiscent of your personal style… or just to joke a bit around…

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
November 16, 2016