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Little Remix: For Cool Independent Girls

When Creative Director Charlotte Eskildsen was young, she was fascinated by the free spirit of the Punk movement… and was a big fan of the British rock band, The Cure.
Especially the song ”Boys Don’t Cry” will forever be a hit that reminds her of a time, where people dared to stand out and promote their individual freedom and anti-establishment; something most girls in their pre-teens must face as well, when growing up in today’s digital world.
Young kids of today have a million of possibilities to express themselves… It ’s just a matter of choosing how to do it.
So Charlotte’s idea was, to design her new collection for the independent and cool girl, who has no qualms in standing out from her friends.
The Little Remix signature styles are always categorized by a cool, edgy, and yet feminine take on how to dress kids and Tweenies. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection is no exception.
The punk culture is manifested in the contrast of mixing rock pieces with very feminine and boarding school styles… The collection carries a signature black story in lace with leather biker jackets, big herringbone art work in a vintage looking faux fur and studded belts with rivets and sparkling Swarovski stones.
Style the big masculine men’s coat with the stab stitched maxi lapel with a heavy knit dress or flared jeans… soooo cool…
The punk culture’s free-spirited set of mind you’ll find in all pieces…
one can easily morph from being the soft romantic girl to becoming the wild and edgy… It’s so much fun!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
August 14, 2016