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A fascination for space shuttles, astronauts, black holes, foreign galaxies, asteroids and life on other planets make hours of endless imaginative playtime and dreams…
First lesson in the Little Remix Astronaut School is of course history, because earth was space invaded by the cutest alien E.T in 1982.
A sci-fi movie making an immense impact on a whole generation, also including creative director of Little Remix: Charlotte Eskildsen.
Especially remembering the iconic landing of the small space shuttle in the dark forest with the sky full of stars.
A collage of images of solar systems, space shuttles, Jupiter and its Trojan asteroids, astronauts and their chrome gear has served as inspiration for the A/W 2014 Little Remix collection.
Prints play a starring role this season. Literally.
The night sky makes the setting for an all-over print on beautiful silk dresses and that one very cool bomber jacket with quilted shoulders.
The other important print is the ‘space-print’. A colourful print on neoprene foam on a cocoon shaped t-shirt, shorts and A-line skirt.
As always the focal lines are minimalistic and graphic. Simple garments are directional in quiet considered design and super advanced fabrics.
Crips metallics are the statements piece to notice.
The last class in astronaut school is about the future. It is an ambitious class that centres around one mission: he return to the moon. The first woman astronaut was Eileen Collins. Who wants to be next?

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
December 24, 2014