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Let’s go fishing with Don Fisher accessories!


Don Fisher is a Spanish design studio who creates beautifully crafted, brilliantly illustrated and pleasingly amusing fish.
It was born two years ago when Julia Castaño, graphic designer based in Barcelona, thought she had to change her life.
After finishing her master’s degree, all she could think about was having her own shop and make beautiful things.
Back then, Julia was spending hours browsing pictures on Pinterest, so she started a blog called Pesca lo Bonito, which is a pun that means “fishing beautiful things.” (In Spanish, bonito means beautiful, but a bonito is also a kind of fish).
Sometime after the blog started, her mom said: “Why don’t you make fish-shaped pencil cases? They would be beautiful bonitos!”
And that’s how she started designing and sewing, because mums are always right! 
In the past year, Don Fisher delivered new products such as bags and backpacks and Julia is currently working on some ideas that will come to life after the summer break.

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POSTED BY cts-klee
July 15, 2016