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Les Zigouis

It is really hard to describe the work of Barbara Berrada just in few sentences. She is one of the most creative and talented women we’ve ever met. Her style is fresh, but full of memories. Her work stands between family life and Fendi. (And so are her clothes).
Barbara lives in Rouen, which is not far from Paris. She studied art and fashion design at the famous national art school „Duperré“ in Paris. Beside her own fashion label „Les Zigouis“, she is also working for the well known italian fashion brand FENDI as an art director. She was responsible for the lookbook of two fashion collections, shot the pictures and took care of the graphic design.
We asked her about the story of her own fashion label „Les Zigouis“:

1. When and why did you start with Les Zigouis?

I started to make capes and bonnets for kids around 2007 and showed them on my blog. My readers and several shops from South Korea asked me if they could buy them, so I created my own brand in 2009, from home.
Since then I work on 2 or 4 collections by year, it depends.

2. What is the difference between the mood of Les Zigouis and other kids fashion brands?

My work is a very big part of my own life and I do it without analysis, very intuitively, without following trends.
I do everything by myself: designing, cutting fabrics, sewing, sourcing, photographing, graphic design, packaging, packing, shipping and so on. And not to forget, I am a wife and a mother of 3 children.
It makes a big difference, because I am free to do what I want and when I want (it is not always the case but I try to), and feel very lucky about it.
It is an artisanal work and many of my customers don’t know that there is only one person behind this brand.
I love this idea.
I love also the idea of a garment made by a human for another one, in the respect of other people and nature.

3. You have an incredible sense for aesthetics and style: Where do you draw your inspiration from and do you have an iconic?

Hooo thank you so much. It is really very kind.
I don’t have an iconic but I stay curious of many things and found inspiration everywhere, in the street, at museums, within the pages of a book, on the internet, with my kids,… really everywhere.
I have a passion for photography, and love all kind of arts.
Childhood, melancholy, poetry, nature, everything inspires me a lot since always.
And when I was an art student I felt totally in love with all vintage things, clothes, design, furnitures. It is still a big part of my inspiration.
In my work, unconsciously I think I try to build bridges between all these passions.
Oh yes and she absolutely does! Beside her Fashion Brand „Les Zigouis“ Barbara creates wonderful photographies and small booklets. You should definitely stop by her shop and blog!

Have a look at:
SHOP: www.zigouis.bigcartel.com

BLOG: www.zigouis.blogspot.de

Text by Studio Oink

Photo Credits: Barbara Berrada

POSTED BY cts-klee
July 24, 2015