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Les Gambettes

Two young women met at university at the end of the 90’s. Their common points: funny haircuts, yellow t-shirts and non-stop talks.
Very quickly, they understood that they could build on their common skills their professional lives.
Upon graduation, they both worked in the fashion world… one spotting and sourcing trending accessories, the other organizing fashion events.
But fed up with sad colours, soulless chairs, uniform tables, home decor that looked like everyone and does not look like anyone… one day they decided to transition away from fashion catwalks and move into furniture, creating their own retro collection with one promise: “To make furniture into a real fashion accessory.”
How? Taking up the challenge to design chairs and desks with “high heels” and focus on sweet colours and cute prints.
Les Gambettes introduces a collection of 50’s inspired furniture, available also for kids, with bright colors and eye-catching prints: chairs, tables, desk and design accessories mixing metal, wood and of course, the most popular surface from the period: Formica.
Designed in France and made in Europe by meticulous craftsmen, Les Gambettes delivers lively, comfortable and solid pieces in over 200 retail stores and in many restaurants and hotels throughout the world.

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POSTED BY enrico
March 9, 2017