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 Le Biberon Français: Très Jolie!

They are made for travel.
Safe, made of Tritan, which is light and strong… as well as the Soft Silicone of the teats, flexible and long lasting… all materials are selected for their highest quality delivering the utmost safety for our babies.
100% BPA free, with guaranteed traceability.
And they are planet friendly: the organic cotton pouch are fully recyclable.
They are skilled: the patented system of the teats has an anti-colic valve that encourages continuous sucking with a minimum effort, it respects the baby’s natural sucking rhythm.
The set is composed of 2 bottles of 210 ml and one of 350 ml. Graduation measurement and a 3 flow-adjustable-speed teat… the design, the conception and production are Made in France.
Their daddy, Benjamin Banoun, acoustical engineer, will continue his innovative research in order to improve and enrich families’ lives…
Available on Smallable and at Colette starting from April. 

Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY enrico
March 2, 2017