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KNAST BY KRUTTER – Cool, Nordic & Stylish

KNAST … the brands name means cam.
The dark, graphic spots inside the trees. Strong and very characteristic spots. KRUTTER is the nickname of danish designer and CEO Birgitta Sonn, when she was a kid… in danish ‘Krutter’ has the sound and meaning of someone that is very playful and can’t sit still… and really… Knast by Krutters new Spring/Summer 2015 collection called “Joy” seems to be made of pure happiness!
This season the danish, stylish brand has chosen extra-bright and very special colours: neon melange, mint pastels, rose, peach, pale banana, aqua and navy.
Boys will be wearing cool denim… decorated with minimalistic palm trees… there are funny dots on mint sweat and loads of other graphic prints.
Girls will be embraced with digitally printed summer fabrics… minimalistic black combined with vibrant rose petals… Palm leaves in bronze all over prints, on peach styles – happy and lovely mixed with coral neon melange. The gym styles shimmer in silver glitter!
Birgitta Sonn created the most comfortable clothes for kids from 0-10 years old…
…inspired by graphic design & joy… fashionable, simple & very cool!

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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

POSTED BY cts-klee
April 28, 2015