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Korean Brand Focus: Jujubong

Jujubong is a simple, modern yet playful label for children from South Korea which launched in 2014.
This season, the Jujubong AW16 collection places emphasis on simplicity with a black and ivory colour palette.  
The prints include stripes, grid and circular patterns, bringing a twist within most of its styles.
Every design embodies the uniqueness of this Korean label.
We have met the designer Sae Bom Kim and got a glimpse of the woman and the brand that all the fashion moms in Korea already follow. 

1. There are so many influential people in the fashion scene.  Who is your personal fashion icon?
Tom Ford.  More than his lifestyle and the respect I have for his concept, I love his style and admire his ability to create such great pieces from the most minimalist designs as this parallels what I try to do with my designs.

2. Do you find designing boys-wear easier or more fun because you have a son?
Of course! I’m able to try samples on him immediately and fix or change the designs on the spot, and I would think it would be much more difficult if I didn’t have a child. 

3. As a mother and designer/business owner your days must be so busy!  If you are able to find some downtime how would you spend it?
Yes, I’m really stretched thin! Even if there were two of me, I don’t think I would have enough time to do everything I’d like.  If I had free time, first, I would like to spend more time with my son doing normal things like eating together, playing with him at the playground and going on trips together. Secondly, I’m sure it’s this way with all moms but I would like some personal time haha! It would be nice to meet up and chat with friends and go watch a movie.  Lastly, I would like to spend some quality time with my loving husband. In reality though, if I ever did have the opportunity to hang out with friends or spend alone time with my partner, I don’t think I would be comfortable leaving my child alone and I would probably be worried sick!

4. Having spent time abroad, what in your opinion are some differences and similarities between European style and Korean style?
I think a lot of people would agree with me that the basic style is very similar. I would say that Korea is a step behind, following Europe’s style. Another difference would be the customers’ preferences, and although subtle, the Korean audience seems to have slightly different preferences in design, colours and fabrics.  They seem to prefer more casual everyday fabrics and styles. Of course this is my opinion, but in Europe, just like their one-of-a-kind elaborate architecture meticulously created with careful attention to details – such as how light seeps into the space – their fashion is similarly more dramatic and creative, and their audience seems to prefer those designs.

5. If you weren’t a designer, what would you be doing now?
I’ve never thought of anything else before, so nothing really comes to mind haha! Even while attending college, I worked as a drawing instructor in a Design academy. As a kid, I was always interested in the Arts and won many awards in the field, so I was constantly encouraged and supported by others to pursue it.  Even if I didn’t become a fashion designer, I would probably be teaching drawing or design, or something else related to design.  Whatever the case, I know for sure that I would always be doing something associated with Juju (son’s nickname) and be known as Juju’s mom!

6. Whats on your bucket list?
1) Travel the world
 2) Live in a foreign country, somewhere like Southern France, or Switzerland.
As you can tell, I’ve always loved to travel!

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POSTED BY cts-klee
December 2, 2016