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Kidwil – A reflection on childhood

The Head of Pinocchio:
The tale of Pinocchio is the best reflection of childhood today. He is curious and inexperienced and does not believe any of warnings adults give him.
He is not a bad boy or has evil intentions. He is simply curious about the world.
The head is pasted with pages from a child’s science/technology book. The book is written in Swedish. But Post-its and a paper bag from McDonald’s are also pasted onto it.
An opening on the back of the head has been sealed with Meccano. All of this was done in order to show that everyone wants their children to be clever and all-knowing so that they do not founder in today’s world. For this reason as much knowledge as possible is stuffed into their heads.
The (illuminated) eyes facing front are intended to show that all of these measures are completely superfluous because children are naturally curious and inquisitive. You just have to give them the chance!

The Body:
Natural materials: They represent the love and longing for nature that is inherent to every child. But parents also encourage and demand this propensity.
Kitchen materials: The kitchen is the place in the home where the family spends the most time, and also the best time. Childhood memories often revolve around food or kitchen smells.
Household utensils: They show the desire for haptic thins – as an antithesis to our digitalised environment.
Lego (only has the large Pinocchio that is in the newspaper): It is one of the few traditional companies that has managed the leap into the children’s room of today. With an analogue and digital concept.
Meccano: It demonstrates that children intuitively connect things but do not always follow the instructions!
Punch: The toy puppet that we had as children is now more popular than ever. At least as far as sales statistics are concerned.
Hand signs: All children are creative and creativity is increasingly encouraged. The creative halls at trade fairs for toys are growing in size, the halls with dolls and stuffed toys are getting smaller.
Shoemaker lasts as feet: The demand for customised manufacturing or personalised objects and furnishings is growing.
The colour red: It is the most popular colour among boys and girls.
The colour green: It is the trend colour of the coming season(s).
The blinking LED light: It represents children’s volatile and sometimes even chaotic thoughts, but it also shows their unbelievable energy and vitality.

Because children can make something out of anything and recognise beauty in things that remain hidden to adults.

In brief: This Pinocchio shows the childhood of today! 

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January 28, 2017