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Kaleidoscope by SAKO Architects

Kaleidoscope is a non-profit kindergarten located in Tianshui – China, conceived by SAKO Architects. The studio used 483 pieces of polychromatic glass to decorate the building, applying the colorful elements above the glass doors and windows, as well as the handrails of corridors and stairs, creating a kaleidoscopic effect across the minimalist building.

In the daytime, the sunlight sheds into the classroom through the colored glass, forming colorful lights and shadows that evoke children’s imagination and creativity. At night, in contrast, the glowing lights from the interior creates an impressive and beautiful night scene.

Centered on a multi-functional atrium surrounded by classrooms, this space can serve various activities in different seasons. The glass ceiling above the three-story atrium allows natural light to come through.

Lights and shadows move between the vertical wall surface and the horizontal ground making the atrium like a giant rotating kaleidoscope with constantly changing colors and patterns.

Our goal is to inspire the infinite creativity of children through this impressive building as they grow up. We expect this kindergarten can be embraced by everyone and become a new landmark in Tianshui City.

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POSTED BY enrico
May 14, 2020