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Jumping Dog: Stretch The Limits of Your Imagination!

These are clothes, made to encourage children who are looking for adventure and excitement! Clothes that children love to put on each morning to take them on an adventure of their own creation… the idea is quite unique: fashion, trying to transform the most simple designs into an interactive adventure… for example… T-shirts can be changed into individual artwork… as each shirt – with an exclusive hand drawn design print – comes with a full set of magic fabric markers! The non-toxic ink is washable in normal laundry so you can transform your t-shirt for each and every wear and can go again, and again, and again…
The prints for the shirts are created by Jesse Strikwerda & Alex Noble

Even more fabulous: 100% of the proceeds from Jumping Dog will fund the ‘ CINCI LEI – the lost boys – Project’. Helping children in need through each purchase.
The lost boys are a group of kids who live in tunnels underneath the streets of Bucharest. They live in abject poverty and face seemingly insurmountable challenges in their every day lives… photographer and founder of Jumping Dog, Joost Vandebrug has intimately and uniquely documented the lives of this group of lost children for over 5 years and set the ‘Cinci lei Project’ to help these children change and improve their situation and lives for the better…


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Text by Claudia Antonia Merkle

February 10, 2016