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Open until October 15th, the exhibition Jugendzimmer takes place at the Viennese Gallery Crone in Austria with works by Rosemarie Trockel, Wolfgang Tillmans, Jack Pierson, Albert Oehlen, Kai Althoff, Andy Warhol, Cosima von Bonin, Elizabeth Peyton, Collier Schorr, Gregor Hildebrandt, Clemens Krauss, Ammar Al-Beik and Mark Morrisroe.
Within his contribution at Crone Wien, Dirk Schönberger directly references the essay title ” Meine Herkunft habe ich mir selbst ausgesucht” and puts the teenage bedroom at center of the exhibition.
At least once in a lifetime, everyone takes a shot at the principle of “homage” with the place of action being the teenage bedroom. A space, a lair, the scene of a person’s transition into adulthood. A new character emerges from the separate parts, from found objects, from symbols,  from idols or friends, scattered style items or neatly arranged favorite records. The many daily homages to great role models – seemingly or actually significant –  fill the teenage bedroom and coalesce to form the «I»”- explains Mr. Schönberger.
Amongst other exhibits, the exhibition shows a large 17-piece wall of  German artist Rosemarie Trockel, which can be directly related to the terms “homage” and “teenage bedroom”. Trockel has specifically put together the wall composition made up of pictures and collages of friends, companions and other persons important to the artist in some way or other. Viewers may discover pictures of gallery owners Monika Sprüth and Philomene Magers, the artist Isa Genzken and Marcel Odenbach, an unknown beauty and a monk that were taken in their youth. They look like posters, like a recourse to one’s own youth and the youth of people displayed, like a reference or tribute to what is important or seems important.
In another room pictures by Wolfgang Tillmans and Andy Warhol, related to youth culture, are combined with posters of pop stars, sports heroes, movies icons, all elements of a common teenage room.
As a counterpoint, Schönberger displays the video «La Dolce Siria» of Syrian artist Ammar Al-Beiks in the gallery’s rearmost space: we see young people with guns, bombs, grenades. We see them shoot, kill other people, surrender themselves. We see them during helicopter attacks, when running away, when retaliating. We see : the streets of Aleppo. The other teenage bedroom of this world. 

Don’t miss Jugendzimmer at:
Galerie Crone
Getreidemarkt 14, Eingang Eschenbachgasse
until October 15th

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October 13, 2016