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Juergen Teller
Enjoy Your Life – the exhibition

Juergen Teller is one of the world’s most sought-after contemporary photographers. His works, many of which take the form of extensive series, are published in books, magazines and exhibitions.
Born into a family of instrument makers, he had to abandon his apprenticeship as a bowmaker for health reasons.
He chose to study photography instead and moved to London in 1986.
There, he began to work for trendy music, zeitgeist and fashion magazines and came to fame in 1991, when he accompanied the band Nirvana on its Nevermind tour and published his sensitive pictures of the band’s shy frontman Kurt Cobain.
Working in the areas of music, fashion and celebrities as well as everyday scenes and landscape, he draws on his intuitive feel for people, situations, milieus and clichés to create images of great immediacy and deceptive simplicity.
Deliberately distancing himself from the relentless glamour of fashion and people photography, Juergen Teller forged his own distinctive path.
In his shoots for well-known fashion designers, he placed supermodels, pop stars and other celebrities in unexpected and often disturbing contexts.
The Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin hosts, until the 3rd of July, Enjoy Your Life, an exhibit of pictures by Teller, which compositions often convey a sense of the incidental or even slapdash, but on closer inspection it becomes clear that they are very carefully composed and conceptualised. Implicit in many of the works on display is the deliberate breach of viewer expectations – Teller does not idealise, romanticise or prettify.
Instead, his pictures aim for the very core of the subject and foreground the idea of imperfect beauty.
Enjoy Your Life has been organized by Bundeskunsthalle, whose director Rein Wolfs states: ‘Juergen Teller’s photography is seductive and direct, aesthetic and real, often beautiful, sometimes deliberately ugly, but always a powerful statement about the impact of the contemporary.’
The huge appeal of his photographs and of his magnificent combinations of motifs lies in the directness with which they speak to the viewer.
Without frills, unsparing, candid, humorous, tongue in cheek and occasionally transgressive, Teller’s photographs have an inescapable intensity and strike us with bold immediacy.

Juergen Teller, Enjoy Your Life! 
until 3rd of July 2017

Niederkirchnerstraße 7

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POSTED BY enrico
June 20, 2017