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Jenny Saville – Egon Schiele


Jenny Saville, the new master of British portraiture and her affinity with Egon Schiele.

Jenny Saville, the new master of British portraiture and her affinity with Egon Schiele.
Jenny was born in Cambridge in 1970 and made herself a name painting pictures of mountainous blubbernauts: massive images of women who seem almost to burst from the picture frame.
Saville’s children, a boy and girl aged six and seven, have also appeared in her pictures and become an integral part of her creative life.
‘’When I was pregnant, everyone, or men at least, kept telling me that having children would change everything, that I wouldn’t have time to paint anymore. But it was the opposite. I felt the most creative I had ever felt in my life. I was painting flesh and then making flesh. I kept thinking, Picasso didn’t know what this felt like.’’
Her latest exhibition runs from 10 October 2014 to 25 January at the Kunsthaus in Zürich and it is an encounter between two artistic positions, separated by a century: Jenny Saville and Egon Schiele.
While previous exhibitions have mostly placed Schiele in his historical context, here the aim is to explore similarities and distinctions between his work and that of a contemporary painter.
The exaggerated corporeality – opulent flesh in Saville, gaunt affliction in Schiele – is expressed through the experience of the artist’s own body in combination with their own self-image.
Both artists demonstratively interrogate the conventions of perception and include their own bodies or generally female forms, often nude, in their artworks. Especially Saville does not just paint on the spot but she interposes also a layer of meditation in her creative process.
The catalogue of the exhibition brings to­gether the works of these two artists for the first time: to buy at Hatje Cantz 

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Exhibition: Kunsthaus Zürich 10.10.2014–25.1.2015, Switzerland, 

Text by Giacomo Cristaldi

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December 23, 2014