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It’s time for the yearly winter bundle-up with Molo

It’s time for a brisk slide down a snowy hill on a slice of plastic, warming your fingers and belly on hot, creamy chocolate, making snow angel contests in crystal clear snow and last, but not least, wrapping up in warmer layers and cool jackets.
If you’re planning to head out to carve up some fresh powder on the ski slopes, it is essential to make sure your outerwear is made for it! With Molo’s Urban programme of ski jackets, ski pants and snowsuits, you’re ready to practice!
Swopping through this season’s jackets, you don’t have to compromise on prints and colours in order to look cool and still keep yourself warm.
Lots of down-to-earth tones are dominating the colour palette with printed highlights such as Silver Foil, Botanic, Animal Dots, Flower Zoom and Shadow Camo.
Don’t forget to pick out the essential accessories that both finish off a dope wintertime outfit and, more importantly, keep you from freezing those exposed ears, fingertips and necks. 
Don’t know how to choose? Have a look at the digital magazine the Danish brand delivered the second year in a row, focusing on the outerwear 2016/17 collection.
The magazine combines a visually dynamic presentation of the outerwear with inspirational trend reports, small freestyle movies and cool editorials! 

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POSTED BY enrico
January 13, 2017