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ITALIANA. Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001

Italiana. Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001 is an exhibition, conceived and curated by Maria Luisa Frisa and Stefano Tonchi, which is running until the 6th of May at Palazzo Reale in Milan, whose aim is to celebrate and tell the story of Italian fashion during a seminal period, focusing on the gradual definition and assertion of the Italian fashion system in the grand season of the Made in Italy style.

It was a marvelous period of cultural creativity that consolidated relationships and exchanges among the exponents of that Italian generation of artists, architects, designers, and intellectuals that paved the way for international culture. The narrative of Italiana proceeds by concepts and visions along a sophisticated design landscape. An imaginative and rigorous creative kaleidoscope that sees the communication between objects, styles, and atmospheres that define Italian culture, as well as the actors, protagonists, and all those who worked with them and made up the choral fresco of Italian fashion. 

The year 1971 symbolically marks the watershed between high fashion and the start of Italian ready-to-wear fashion: it should come as no surprise that it was the year when Walter Albini chose Milan for the first fashion show of the line that would bear his name, the so-called “unitary collection.” The year 2001 is instead an emblematic end date: the transition from one century to another was the moment when Italian fashion shed its skin and became a global phenomenon that still hasn’t been studied enough as concerns creation, production, and communication. 

The exhibition is not organized chronologically, but is instead centered on a constellation of themes—Identity, Democracy, Logomania, Diorama, Project Room, Bazaar, Post-Production, Glocal, The Italy of Objects—based on a critical interpretation capable of bringing together the different features of culture and fashion over the 30 years examined here. Italiana is therefore a journey that tells the story of Italian fashion via a multiplicity of gazes, akin to a polycentric phenomenon capable of liaising with know-how and knowledge of varying kinds.

Italiana. Italy Through the Lens of Fashion 1971-2001
until the 6th of May, 2018

Palazzo Reale 
Piazza del Duomo 12

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March 20, 2018