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Interview: Tiffany Hsu,
Fashion Buying Director at Mytheresa

We had a chat with Tiffany Hsu, Fashion Buying Director at Mytheresa, about SS21 kidswear trends and new brands you can find in their selection.

Can you indicate the most important trends for this SS21 season?
We’ve seen a lot of animal prints and Victorian inspired dresses. Tracksuit sets are all time favorites and more than ever important in these times, especially in a mini-me combo, with matching outfits for parents and kids. Also the sustainable aspect will play a bigger role in the future as you already see people want to shop more conscious and less fast fashion. Quality and comfort are key also for childrenswear.

Is there some new brand this season in your selection? If so, can you tell us why you chose them?
Paade Mode and Morley are two of our favorite new brands in the kids category. Both are doing Victorian inspired styles for this season, which has more of a fashion direction. This traditional inspired trend with a modern twist is very popular and these two brands are interpreting it in a great way. The Mytheresa Kids approach is overall focused on a very mini-me style, mirroring the womenswear designer portfolio and our current customer base who’s very aware of what’s hot in fashion. Therefore, we are also taking on kidswear lines from the bigger brands every season and I am happy for i.e. Veja Kids and Perfect Moment Kids to be added to our selection.

How is the buying process developing during the pandemic? As we guess you had not the opportunity to see the collections live, has been difficult for you to deal with video-calls or virtual presentations for the selection of products? 
In general, not being able to touch something is a very big challenge for us. A picture is always more picture perfect than what you would have seen in reality. Digital appointments take a lot longer than actual physical meetings as some brands offer many SKUs per season. However, for brands offering smaller product edits it can definitely be done digitally also in the future, if they have good imagery of models wearing the pieces or even real models with them in the video appointments. Especially kids collections are normally shot on models, which is of course also not easy these days, so we have to heavily rely on our understanding of the brand.

What does draw your attention in a new collection? Do you have some suggestion for young brands who want to be noticed by big buyers?
For kids collections the images and lookbooks play an important role for us buyers to notice. To establish a good aesthetic is truly imperative. Kids really know what they want these days and brands should be able to transport some fun after all. There are a lot of mini influencers out there already, who are inspirations to our mini customers and kids are very tech-savvy these days at a young age, so working with kids influencers should be also considered, especially for smaller brands who want to be seen.


POSTED BY enrico
April 14, 2021